High Intensity Attrition Milling

  • To produce median particle sizes from 1 to 20 microns

Impact Classified Milling

  • Pin Milling with refrigeration for moist products & products with low melting point.
  • To produce median particles sizes from 10 to 100 microns

Rod and Ball Milling

  • To produce median particles sizes of less than 100 microns

Impact Milling

  • To produce median particles sizes of 100 microns and above

Dry Granulation

  • Increases wetting and flow handling

Wet Milling

  • By Arrangement

Cryogenic Milling

  • This process embrittles feed product and mill by impact.
  • Heat sensitive products can also be milled at lower temperatures.

Flash Drying

  • Particularly good for highly insulative, heat sensitive and food (micro) sensitive products.
  • We have developed Drying Capabilities with opportunity to customise for specific products.