Micropowders is a leader in micro milling services, with a global customer base that spans a diverse range of manufacturing sectors.

Starting life as a small engineering business in 1989, and incorporated as ANC Powder Makers Pty Ltd in 1993, Micropowders quickly established a reputation for excellence in the precision milling field.

The company’s state-of-the-art plant and equipment enables jet or mechanical milling to produce small or large quantities of high-quality dry or liquid finite materials for industrial, food, pharmaceutical, health and nutrition, cosmetics and many other applications.

As well as providing superior milling specific to customer needs, Micropowders also work closely with customers on process development, refining current technologies and using innovative techniques to achieve the desired result.

The name Micropowders is synonymous with quality and excellence in both level of service and the end products the company produces for its clients across Australasia, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our Mission/Values

Our vision is to provide quality milling of all products and powders used in the food and chemical industries. Micropowders will work closely with its customers in providing all professional expertise necessary to achieve the customers’ required results.

Micropowders is committed to achieving its vision statement:

  • by developing specialised milling processes for customers
  • by developing new and innovative milling technologies
  • by improving process efficiency
  • by expanding its technology base
  • by broadening its market base
  • refining existing milling processes for customers
  • working with clients to educate them and guide them through the process

Micropowders invests in the most advanced milling equipment available whether that be to mill, handle, blend, package or analyse product on behalf of our customers. Materials can be milled, tested and measured, using the latest in laser diffraction analysing systems (within a range of 0.02 to 2000 microns).

Our machines range from a 100mm Lab Mill to a 400kW Programmable Logic Controlled production system. This allows us to achieve production rates of up to 2000 kilos per hour at less than 20 micron.

Micropowders has the ability to produce products with minimal fines and no oversize, and works closely with clients to produce the final product in the most cost-effective manner. We can mill materials down to particle sizes of micron or sub micron, with averages of 75+ microns at rates of up to 2 tonnes per hour.

With each of our clients, an appropriate testing methodology is jointly developed and applied to suit their product. This ensures that test information provided is accurate, reliable and has real meaning.

Our Testing methodologies include Laser Defraction Testing and Electron Scanning Microscopic Imaging.